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About the Designer:

Liyah, a UX/UI Designer with a background in content producing & web design. Previously a content producer and freelance web designer, I influenced my abilities in growing businesses, doing market research to help market companies, consistently creating marketing strategies through content, writing articles, creative directing, curating & managing social media pages & designing websites to look aesthetically pleasing, to suit the needs & goals of users, & always putting them first.

When I was 17, I learned how to design & develop a website within 20 minutes, then it came natural to me. I did that as a side gig. Then I had an internship being a content producer for about a year & a half. With all of the knowledge I had with the digital industry, I wanted to find out more about different occupations. One day, a good family friend heard that I was doing web design, & told me that I should look into UX/UI. I would have never really thought that the job of what a UX/UI designer does, is an actual job.

Why I got into UX/UI Design:

With the experience & passion I have with marketing, curating social media & designing websites, this was the move for me to go into user experience & user interface design, as I value the needs & goals of people for what they want to achieve. I wanted to take my designing skills & me curating aesthetically pleasing interfaces to the next level.

Prior from going into the design industry, with doing freelance web design, I have been doing that for about 1-2 years. As previously said, I wanted to take my designing skills to the next level & got into UX/UI. Before & during that, I started interning & working for a digital company in New Jersey called NJMOM, as a content producer. I learned a lot about the digital world & I am very familiar with digital marketing, tech, social media & creating content as a creative director. 




Fitted is an app for users to keep track of their fitness goals, motivate them to exercise & stay healthy, as well as providing fitness training & trainers for them to help reach their fitness goals.

24/7 Experts

24/7 Experts is an app for users that have a question that they may not be able to find the answer to & would like to get the accurate information on & accurate answer by a specialist virtually. This app has features from where you can search up questions & answers that have been asked by other users & answered by experts. It has a feature where you can search up a specialist online in any industry that you can ask a question, & a feature where you can chat with experts. ​​​​​​​

Vocab Prep

Vocab Prep was the very first UX project I have ever worked on. It was a short prototype project that was a vocabulary app for learning. I added two features on the app that are on the prototype. The first feature is how to start a vocab game on the app, and the second being how to create a deck & add vocab on the app.




Contact Info


Charlotte, NC (Open to Relocate)