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About Me:

Hi! My name is Liyah & I am a UX/UI Designer born & raised in Charlotte, NC. There are only a few things in life that makes me happy, such as, going out to eat, boba tea & traveling with family & friends. I have a huge passion for traveling, seeing & exploring the world, so there came a time when I wanted to figure out what I wanted to do for a living. Something that had to do with the digital world where I could possibly work remotely, but I actually already came from a background of the digital world. With a background in content producing & web design, I was previously a content producer & freelance web designer, that influenced my abilities in growing businesses, doing market research to help market companies, consistently creating marketing strategies through content, writing articles, creative directing, having social media pages & designing websites to look aesthetically pleasing, to suit the needs & goals of clients.

When I was 17, I learned how to design & develop a website within 20 minutes, then it came natural to me. I did that as a side gig. Then I had an internship being a content producer for about a year & a half. With all of the knowledge I had with the digital industry, I wanted to find out more about different occupations. One day, a good family friend heard that I was doing web design, & told me that I should look into UX/UI. I would have never really thought that the of job that a UX/UI designer does, is an actual job.

Why I got into UX/UI Design:

With the experience & passion I have with marketing, curating social media & designing websites, this was the move for me to go into user experience & user interface design, as I value the needs & goals of people for what they want to achieve. I wanted to take my designing skills & me curating aesthetically pleasing interfaces to the next level.

Prior from going into the design industry, with doing freelance web design, I have been doing that for about 1-2 years. As previously said, I wanted to take my designing skills to the next level & got into UX/UI. Before & during that, I started interning & working for a digital company in New Jersey called NJMOM, as a content producer. I learned a lot about the digital world & I am very familiar with digital marketing, tech, social media & creating content as a creative director. 



Vocab Prep

Vocab Prep was the very first UX project I have ever worked on. It was a short prototype project that was a vocabulary app for learning. I added two features on the app that are on the prototype. The first feature is how to start a vocab game on the app, and the second being how to create a deck & add vocab on the app.

24/7 Experts

24/7 Experts is an app for users that have a question that they may not be able to find the answer to & would like to get the accurate information on & accurate answer by a specialist virtually. This app has features from where you can search up questions & answers that have been asked by other users & answered by experts. It has a feature where you can search up a specialist online in any industry that you can ask a question, & a feature where you can chat with experts. ​​​​​​​


Fitted is an app for users to keep track of their fitness goals, motivate them to exercise & stay healthy, as well as providing fitness training & trainers for them to help reach their fitness goals.




Contact Me


Charlotte, NC (Open to Relocate)